Scarpe Diem

In one of his letters Holst writes the address of his ‘sleeping quarters’ in Salonica. Today we went to find it.We knew that it was near the famous White Tower as Holst describes his quarters and the YMCA canteen as being near this iconic structure. Holst gives the address as 19 Evzonon, which is unusual … More Scarpe Diem

Bunkers and bullets

The violence of war is still in the earth here.Walking the field yesterday in FYROM near Lake Dorian we found a landscape scattered with shells, shrapnel,fragments and bullets. There are also the remains of bunkers. The Bulgarians built bunkers out of the rock, trained by the Germans. Holst like many arriving post 1918 visited the … More Bunkers and bullets

Getting my bearings

What did Holst do in Salonica? What were the soldiers like? What had they been through? How did this affect Holst? I am hoping to find out some of these answers in my trip to Greece and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) where the action took place and where Holst travelled to teach music. … More Getting my bearings

First stop – Welbeck Abbey, Nottinghamshire

Before Gustav Holst sailed to Salonica he attended a training camp at Welbeck Abbey, a stately home in Nottinghamshire. He describes his time in Nottinghamshire in a letter to his friend Whittaker, written in September 1918:   I’m going with the YMCA to Salonica for a year – it is a special educational mission. In … More First stop – Welbeck Abbey, Nottinghamshire

‘Help Holst’ Fundraising Campaign

The Holst Birthplace Museum promotes inspirational composer Gustav Holst. Help us to reopen after flooding so Holst can inspire again! #HelpHolst Following the damage to the Holst Birthplace Museum in Cheltenham after flash flooding on Tuesday 14th June, the Holst Birthplace Trust is launching, ‘Help Holst’ an official fundraising campaign on Monday 18th July. ‘Help … More ‘Help Holst’ Fundraising Campaign