Going Online

Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Crowdfunder, they’re the tip of the iceberg. Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram break the surface… there are others lurking below the surface we’ve not dived down to explore yet.

I have my own social media accounts and use them regularly (admittedly at the moment to find out where the nearest rare Pokemon are or envy at others’ catches)! More generally, I use it to keep up to date with what school, university and family who I don’t get the opportunity to see often.

It’s a whole new world when you become the online ‘face’ of an organisation. For the past couple of years, I’ve been working to improve the Museum’s online presence and social ‘voice’. I’ve worked towards being less formal and more approachable. It’s hard. It’s even harder when there’s no time to plan, such as during the closed period, what you’re going to say and when most of what you have to say is repetitive.

I find myself spending days dreaming up how the new clock or bell on the door can make for interesting reading.

It also becomes an everlasting competition with myself for more. More likes, shares, engagements, insights and so many other things that mean nothing! This week, I’ve been very absent from Social Media, and had 900 less views on Facebook and likely 1000s less on on Twitter… this only effects me, but I’m not impressed all the same. Maybe it’s time I try out the new ‘Facebook Live’ trend to get our ‘likes’ up or try out a Holst ‘meme’.

Well, now it gets even harder. We’ve launched our online fundraising campaign (www.crowdfunder.co.uk/help-holst FYI) and we want to raise £7,500 in 28 days! A big ask. We need to get our message out, but not bore people. We need to appeal for help without desperation and, in some cases, in about 2 sentences…possibly an image if you’re lucky enough to have one!

I wonder when and how my brain became so obsessed with making ‘stories’ out of everything… taking photos, making videos, keeping storage space on my personal devices. Will everything be online in the future? Will the Museum be online? Or will it stop? Will the online madness die down?

Who knows, what I do know is that its a world I dived head first into and now I feel there’s no getting out!

If you’d like to support our online campaign, follow our Facebook, Twitter and Blog.

You’ll be able to support us online donate at Crowdfunder 

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