An ‘expert’ by experience…or not as the case may be!

‘Expert’ feels like a funny phrase to me at the moment. How do you become an ‘expert’ is it through studying, doing or just a bit of general interest?

My job title Learning Coordinator does exactly what it says on the tin. I plan, I teach, I lead, I evaluate.

For a month it has been a challenge for me mixing my ‘general’ job and helping to prepare a massive fundraising campaign. I’ve always taken pride in the fact that I know where my strengths (and more importantly) weaknesses lie! I’ve very quickly realised that just knowing them isn’t and shouldn’t be enough for any job.

Just like every small independent museum, we run on a shoe-string. We have a part-time Curator and Freelance posts. That’s not a lot generally, but in an emergency it feels even less. What’s more, for a ‘normal’ fundraising campaign, you have months maybe years to plan what you’ll be doing, write bids and gather support from your contacts. Emergency fundraising is just so different. In less than a month we’ve had to assess what we need, plan how we will try to get it and then make it happen.

As we come closer to the official launch of the campaign on Monday. I’m beginning to think, ‘Can we all know how to do ‘stuff’ if we put our minds to it’? Over the past few weeks, I’ve transformed into a photographer, social media updater, blog creator, online giving page creator, media contact and so, so much more. I’ve not done it perfectly, that’s for sure, but it’s made think…

…Why are we so quick to bracket ourselves? Obviously, we all have skills and talents, but it’s just so easy to think, ‘That’s what I’m good at, so that’s what I’ll do’, but this has made me think, why don’t we try to challenge ourselves more? Do things we’re less comfortable with? Be adventurous, try new things. It’s exciting and has actually opened my eyes to so many more possibilities in Museum Learning – exactly what I’m an ‘expert’ in!

Enjoy an image of the damaged Victorian Bedroom. Taken when I was being ‘photogrpaher’!

Bedroom pano

p.s. Why the coffee? Because it has been a key feature in getting all of this done!





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