The penalties of hereditary verbosity

The penalties of hereditary verbosity


Oh my goodness! I come from a family of talkers. Not even talkers but pontificators. I never use one word when ten will do. I have just spent the entire afternoon trying to reduce our several pronged fundraising programme combined with our total purpose of being into 200 characters and then one strapline. You can probably tell from my staccato sentences at the beginning of this!


I feel like I’m in a verbal straightjacket. Help! It was sort of the same when I read Bridget Jones’s Diary. I couldn’t stop thinking and writing in the same style, which slightly hindered the flow of funding bids!


Talking of flow…you want concise? Flood. Holst. Help!

#HelpHolst #DarnedCharacterCount #WhyTellAStoryInSoFewWords


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